Terms & Conditions

Copy and Trademark Laws: By submitting your design file to TYS Variety Co, you acknowledge that you have obtained all proper permissions or licensing for the use of any logo, pattern or design protected by copyrights, patents, trademarks or other intellectual property rights and you hereby agree to hold harmless and indemnity TYS Variety Co and its partners, employees, affiliates and agents against all loss, expenses, damages, costs and legal fees by reason of any actions based on the infringement thereof. You also understand that it is your responsibility to proof the digitized design prior to production and TYS Variety Co is not responsible for any damaged garments.

TYS Variety Co assumes when artwork is submitted for an order that the artwork was submitted in full compliance with the laws governing copyright, trademark and patents. Customers placing these orders agree to hold TYS Variety Co and any of its associated companies harmless for any damages and costs arising under these laws as a consequence of use of such trademarks or logos.

TYS Variety Co Rights

While TYS Variety Co acknowledges and understands that all logos, patterns and creative art works submitted for digitization are the copyright of their respective owners, TYS Variety Co reserves the right to use the items listed below as a part of its portfolio, case study, etc. (whether online or offline) for the purposes of showcasing its embroidery digitization capability and quality of work, and advertising for its service.

1.The digitized logos/patterns/art works (i.e. the digitizing files)
2.The visual presentation of the digitizing files produced by embroidery digitizing
software (e.g. preview images)
3.The embroidered samples based on these digitizing files

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